Death Penalty Punishment Essay

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Ethical Reasoning - Death Penalty
Threatening to kill someone, does that deter crime? The United State remains in the vast minority of nations throughout the world who still uses death as a penalty for certain crimes ("The Death Penalty Worldwide," n.d.). In this paper I will argue that the death penalty should be stopped, it’s morally wrong, expensive, and an ineffective deterrent to crime.
The death penalty is both morally and ethically wrong. Society, as a whole, believes that killing another individual is wrong. It’s morally wrong to take the life of an individual, no matter how despicable that individual may be. Therefore, how can it be acceptable to live in a State or Country in which the government hypocritically puts individuals
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There is substantial evidence that many mistakes have been made in sentencing people to death. Since 1973, there have been 143 people who have either been acquitted of all charges related to the crime that placed them on death row, or had all charges related to the crime that placed them on death row dismissed by the prosecution, or have been granted a complete pardon based on evidence of innocence. During the same period of time, 1355 people have been executed. Consequently, for every nine people executed there is one person on death row who statistically should have never been convicted. These statistics represent an unforgivable risk of executing the innocent. Therefore the death penalty should be abolished because of the likely possibility of an innocent person being wrongfully …show more content…
The race of the victim and the race of the defendant in capital cases are major factors in determining who is sentenced to death. The death penalty has been proven to be used unfairly with serious racist connotations. African Americans who murder whites are sentenced to death much more often than whites who murder African Americans. Of the inmates that are currently on death row, 79% of their victims were white and only 14% of their victims were African Americans. These statistics show that African Americans receive harsher sentences when they are on trial for murder but their lives are not given the same value as whites when they are the

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