Death Of The President By John Fitzgerald Essay

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Death in Disguise
Many remember November 22nd, 1963, as a traumatic, devastating day: parents lost a son, siblings lost a brother, a wife lost a husband, kids lost a father, nieces and nephews lost an uncle, and the United States lost a president. On this day, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was riding in a motorcade on Dallas’ Dealey Plaza when bullets were shot hitting him in the neck, throat, and head. After being rushed to the hospital, Kennedy was unfortunately announced dead (“November 22, 1963: Death of the President 2”). To this day, countless conspiracies — as to what happened, who shot Kennedy, and who was working behind the scenes with the shooter—have arose. Multiple theorists have decided that the blame lies on Lee Harvey Oswald; however, others have questioned this conclusion— asking: If Oswald did it, then what were his motives, or was he just a man behind the gun? Thinking deeper into assassination conspiracies, the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and John F. Kennedy’s successor Lyndon B. Johnson could have played huge roles in the death of Kennedy.
The common story of how Kennedy was assassinated included only 1 shooter: Lee Harvey Oswald. At this time, Oswald worked in the Texas School Book Depository. This workplace overlooked the place JFK was passing and eventually got shot at (Dealey Plaza). This conspiracy says that he was at his workplace on the sixth floor also having a rifle with him. Then, three shots were fired, no one…

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