Death Of Chris Mccandless- Unfortunate Or Inevitable Essay

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Death of Chris McCandless— Unfortunate or Inevitable
On September 6th, 1992, Christopher McCandless’s frozen body, along of his belongings, was found on a bus in the barren Alaskan wilderness. His death was a mystery to the world— even his family barely knew his motivation of living off in the desolated and uninhabited Alaskan land. An American nonfiction writer Jon Krakauer investigated McCandless 's belonging and interviewed his family, and composed a nonfiction Into the Wild depicting McCandless 's trip from his home to his cold grave. In the last chapter, Krakauer suggested McCandless 's death was resulted from consuming poisonous mold seeds. However, I believe the cause of his death is much more than just eating toxic seeds: McCandless 's death was not only a result of his decision of walking into the wild, but could be traced back to his expanded hubris.
McCandless 's early life was noticeably parallel to Holden Caulfield, the protagonist in J.D. Salinger 's novel Catcher in the Rye. According to McCandless 's sister, Carine, in an interview about her brother, that he had been shown his rebelliously "anti-social" characteristic when he was little. "Chris was fearless even when he was little… He didn 't think the odds applied to him. We[McCandless 's] were always trying to pull him back from the edge" (Krakauer 109). Similar to McCandless, Holden tried many dangerous acts when he was lost in the pre-adulthood. Holden rejected the phonies and trying to be different from…

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