Death Of A Salesman By Willy Loman Essay

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The phrase mental illness refers to having a mental or behavioural pattern that causes either suffering or a poor ability to act in ordinary life. Thus suggesting that the authors of Death of a Salesman and The Yellow Wallpaper present studies of mental illness. Firstly through the original title of 'The Inside of His Mind ' rather than Death of a Salesman as well as exploring the minds of both Willy Loman and the narrator in both texts, although The Yellow Wallpaper and Death of a Salesman are texts about entrapment both physical and mental.
Firstly in both texts, the setting reflects the mental state of both characters. Within Death of a Salesman, there is an absent mind as well as a sense of temporal qualities. These ideas come from Miller 's characterisation of Willy particularly his ability to remember past events as if they occurred recently yet fails to remember what happened less than a minute ago. An example Miller uses is the conversation between Willy and Linda about Biff where Willy replies 'there 's one thing about Biff. Biff is not lazy ', even though earlier in the play Willy calls Biff a 'lazy bum '. As Death of a Salesman is a play the time taken for the actor to say this would be less than a minute before. Similarly to Miller, Gilman explores mental state by setting. Gilman 's exploration of mental illness stems from her choice of adjectives to describe the narrator 's surroundings such as 'queer ' and 'haunting '. These adjectives are parallel in…

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