Death Is Not Bad? Essay examples

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Death is shared among all living things, but whether it is bad varies depending on beliefs and values. Socrates explains in the Phaedo that death is not bad and he looks forward to death as a philosopher. His main reason as to why he looks forward to death is his belief that the soul is immortal. In Phaedo Socrates says that he and other philosophers spend their whole life preparing for death and strengthening their souls. While on the other hand, The Death of Ivan Ilych, by Leo Tolstoy tells a story of someone who gets hit with an unexpected and painful death and realizes that he regrets his whole life. But both Phaedo and The Death of Ivan Ilych end with the conclusion that death is not bad as both Socrates and Ivan Ilych die in peace. So why is death bad? Anthony Brueckner and John Martin Fischer explain in Why is Death Bad? That death is bad because deprives us of experiences that would exist in time if death did not occur. My own view is that death is not bad because the fear of death teaches and provides essential guidelines to the human race and prepares humans for death. It provides a conclusion, a reason to get up out of bed, and the fear of time running out is what drives us to be adventurous and accomplish things. Without the fear of death, time would not matter, nor exist and society would not be organized.

Death is the backbone to emotions. I feel love for someone because one day that person isn’t going to be here. I feel fear because I am afraid to die too…

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