Death Is A Supernatural Physical Loss Of An Individual 's Soul

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Death is a supernatural physical loss of an individual’s soul. A vast majority of individuals experience death in different ways. In other words, death can come slowly and painfully, or quickly and painlessly. Three years ago, my cousin, Ollie Green, died of sickle cell anemia. Ollie’s life could be described as the process of baking a cake. When I received the news of his death, my perfectly prepared cake was now burnt and destroyed. A correlation of contradicting emotions suppressed my mind. Is this really the end? My emotions were exploit to the fact that I was feeling more traumatized knowing that I was embarking a journey where a season of detachment was taking place. I felt the weight of oppression bearing down on my heart and I was completely helpless. Intervening on the pre-stages of my interlude. There are typically four ingredients needed to bake a cake. Water, eggs, butter, and the base flour. Together the baking time varies between 18-25 minutes. Two years before Ollie died, he told me that he wanted to attend culinary school and at the same time, own his own bakery. That same year, we had a baking competition to see who could bake the best cakes. The way that my cousin baked his cake was entirely different from the instructions on the box, much like his body’s ability to produce normal healthy red blood cells. First, he took the base of the cake and added the approximate amount of water, but at small proportionate amounts. The base of the cake symbolized…

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