Death By Freedom : The Story Of John Brown Essay

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Death by Freedom: The Story Of John Brown It was the dreadful time in history in which our country was tearing apart because of slavery. During the 19th century there were numerous individuals that stood up for justice and liberty, but there was one in particular that brought great controversy and skeptical feelings to our nation. This iconic figure in American history faced hardships in his lifetime, was part of “Bloody Kansas,” planned the raid in Harpers Ferry, supported other movements, and took in criticism, in order to join others in the fight against the shackles that chained this free country. This is a story of John Brown’s devotion to freedom that persisted until his death, and made an everlasting mark in the future of America. Many historians agree that Brown’s abolitionist mind set stems greatly from the background of his family. John, fourth son of Ruth Mills and Owen Brown, was born on May 9, 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut but was raised in Hudson. His family was of Puritan heritage and had deeply engraved evangelic teachings. He even moved to Plainfield, California in 1816 to pursue his ministerial training, which didn’t work out due to low funds for education and inflammation in his eyes. Instead, he came back to Hudson to partner with his adopted brother, Levi Blakeslee, to set up his own tannery. His father, Owen, was a Calvinist and worked as tanner, and despised slavery. John held the same values of the “Golden…

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