Essay on Death And The Law : Why The Government Should Be Legal

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“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference”—Jane Goodball. No one should life for granted. Life and death is in hands of god, he decides our arrival time and departure time. Assisted Suicide is an inevitable topic. There are only four countries that have legalized assisted suicide, so clearly government does not want people to kill themselves and give up and so do I. I do not agree with the fact that people should suicide to end all their agony. People should learn to fight against their problems and never lose hope. Therefore, the US government should not pass a law legalizing physician-assisted suicide because doctors are supposed to heal not harm, suicide is a selfish move and risk of living is worth taking instead for opting to commit suicide.

Primarily, the doctors should be curing the patient instead of killing him. In the article, “Death and the Law: Why the Government Has an Interest in Preserving Life” by Lawrence Rudden and Gerard V. Bradley reminds the doctors their job, the oath they take before becoming a doctor. In the article, the author tells, “A doctor’s calling is always to heal, never harm. A doctor’s calling is special, though not unique” (249). This evidence states that doctors are not here to harm patients because that is not their duty but god’s. In fact no one have the right to help someone commit suicide or kill them. On one hand, doctors have the time to actually invent a lethal drug to…

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