Death In Literature

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Whether we declare it or not, all of us panic because of death. Death remains a huge dilemma, one of the major subjects with which religion and culture and knowledge have struggled since the beginning of the time. Despite the fact that death is a natural consequence of existence, our culture is matchless in the extent to which death is considered a taboo subject. We don’t prefer to have open discussions. We choose to consider death as a dangerous enemy that can and should be defeated by modern science and technology .Death is present all the time around us. It is an indispensable part of our culture and we became acclimated to accept it. Every day goes by and death must be mentioned. Every day the news mentions the death of celebrity or a famous politician. Death is an ingredient of our culture. We all will die at certain point of our life. In fact the number of individuals who die each day is much more than the number of individuals who are born. …show more content…
It places an emphasis on many life experiences from life to death. While it is written in immortal words, these words come alive in the fantasies of the beautiful mind, and its ability to understand the complexity of the words. Literature gives humanity the chance to see through the lenses of others. Therefore, it becomes a magnifying glass into the whole world from the prospective of others. It is a lifetime journey that is simplified in pages, and enhanced by the imagination of the reader. It is impossible to be someone else. It is impossible to exchange bodies with another human being, but it is completely possible to understand the complexity of their world through literature. For instance, Leslie’s short story written in the perspective of Ken and Leon, allowed the reader to envision their contradicted beliefs .Obviously, literature can be considered a time machine that enables the reader to go into a specific time period of the story and into the soul of the

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