Dear Michael Mccullough And Questbridge Essay

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Dear Michael McCullough and Questbridge,
It has come to recent attention that among the students you have selected as Finalists from the Class of 2016, a Facebook group chat was formed. Consisting of at least 5+ Finalists of yours, this chat went by the very inappropriate name of "Shoving religion down young boys ' anuses since 4 BC." That name alone not only insults several religious QuestBridge scholars who also identify themselves as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, it also holds uncomfortable implications of finding child rape humorous. The student admitting to have created the group chat name is Mohammed Ramzan, a 2016 finalist who was recently matched to Northwestern University.

However, not only was the name of the group chat incredibly disrespectful, the contents of it are akin to bullying. The participants of the chat specifically targeted another Quest Scholar from the Class of 2015 for ridicule. The Quest Scholar in question is Jennifer Gagne, a Quest Ambassador who attends Wesleyan University.

The addition of Jennifer to the chat is not entirely clear, but is easily assumed through some of the language used, that it was meant to mock or humiliate Jennifer. By adding Jennifer to the group chat, which includes some students who have in the past come to clash with Jennifer through the Questbridge Facebook groups concerning such issues as invalidating LGBTQIA+ identities through the invalidation of the pronouns “they/them”, lying on applications about one’s…

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