Dear Americ Letters Home From Vietnam Essay

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Defining war is easy; it’s an event in which two forces oppose each other. However, defining the war experience is more difficult. The war experience focuses on individuals rather than the forces as a whole. In the documentary “Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam,” viewers hear from many soldiers about their experiences. Tim O’Brien has talked about his experiences in the 1999 President’s Lecture and in his novels. From the documentary, the interview with O’Brien, and his novel, The Things They Carried, it is evident that the war experience is in the bonds formed, the internal change of a person, and in the pain war causes. One defining aspect of the war experience is the bonds that are created between soldiers. These bonds are strong. They seem to be inevitable, the member of a troop bond and become friends, even though they know that there is a good chance that the other will be killed. In the documentary “Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam” viewers hear from a soldier who is writing to his friends mother. He is trying to tell her how good of a person her son was and how Vietnam did not turn him cruel like it did to many others. He expresses his grief in these words and one is able to tell that these men shared a strong bond. In the end, the soldier states that he should have died instead of the friend because the friend was a much better man than he. The interview with Tim O’Brien says that a war story is not about the combat, “War stories, like any good…

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