Who Was Responsible For Mr. Perry's Death?

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Mr. Perry's actions killed Perry The English teacher Mr. John Keating in the movie dead poets society has distinctive characteristics that distinguished him from the other teachers at Welton school. He had a huge impact on his pupils' ways of thinking as a result, it affected their actions. Some people blamed Keating for Neil Perry's death. People should blame Perry's father instead of blaming Keating. Mr. Perry was responsible for his son's death because of his actions towards him. Mr. Perry is responsible for Perry's death because he pushed him to be a doctor and forget his passion. Even though parents want their kids to be successful, sometimes they do not listen to their dreams. The poor communication between Perry and his father is one of the reasons of Perry's death. Mr. Perry could give his son a chance to speak about his interests of acting. Then, he could give his son reasons why he rejected these interests. By this way, Perry could obey his father and forget his passion. In addition, Mr. Perry's treatment with his son was tough which contributed in his suicide. Throughout the movie, there were scenes that showed how Mr. Perry's strict treatment destroyed Perry's identity. The scene where Mr. Perry …show more content…
Keating did a mistake in forgetting some points. He was teaching in an orthodox school that had the honor one of its pillars. People should remember that Keating did not advise Perry to commit suicide if Mr. Perry wanted to change his school. He just gave him a way to solve his problem with his father and allow him to act in that specific play. The viewers have the right to blame Keating if Perry was honest with his father. In this case, people should blame Mr. Perry, who played a role in his son's death instead of blaming Keating. If Perry's father treated him just like Keating, he would not commit

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