Dbm 380 (Data Base Management) Complete Cours Essay

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DBM 380 (Data Base Management) Complete Course

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DBM 380 Week 1 DQ 1 Reflect on the textbook readings. Using the search strings listed in the Electronic Reserve Readings for Week one search for additional information on database systems. What information would your provide to an organization or your employer on why database systems should be used?
DBM 380 Week 1 DQ 2

What limitations have you or someone you know encountered in the past in using nonrelational structures (such as in a
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Currently I am in the United States Army. We track a lot of data in the unit level for all of soldiers. One of the most key database trackers would be tracking training data. I chose this database because the importance of being able to track this data. Knowing that your soldiers are fully trained is very important in making sure they can succeed on the battlefield. This type of database would allow supervisors to check training stats, get physical training test average, and generate reports to keep track who is due or behind with training requirements.
Due to this having to be a rather large database using Microsoft Access will not be suitable. With the amount of soldier involved you will need a DBMS (Database Management System). This system will be a user-friendly system that will take a short training session to learn. It will have also have shorts cuts that will generate common reports that will be needed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
DBM 380 Week 2 Team Assignment Service Request SR-ht-003 Change Request 2

Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance Database Huffman Trucking has asked Smith Consulting to create a UML Use Case, and Class diagram for their fleet truck maintenance database. Huffman Trucking has provided Smith Consulting with access to their existing database. By accessing the

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