Walter Mitty Character Analysis

Daydreaming is a way help people to escape from the cruel reality and daydreamers are people who always daydreaming. Both Walter Mitty and Miniver Cheevy are daydreamers. Walter Mitty lives a normal life, but he is unsatisfied with his life. He always indulges in his imagination, daydreaming he is a hero, trying to run away from the reality. Miniver Cheevy is a lazy drunkard who thinks he would be a hero, someone great if he born in the ancient. He blames everything to the time, thinking he born in a wrong time. He never thinks how to make his life now, become better. So, both of the two characters lack the of facing and accepting the reality.

As a daydreamer, Walter lives in his fantasy, keeping alter back and forth between his dream and the reality. He just couldn’t focus on his real life, when he is doing something, he will think of something else. He imagines himself as someone else, someone important, someone who has a interesting and successful life. While he is driving her wife to the hairdresser’s, he indulging in his
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To escape from the reality, to avoid the cruel reality, they choose to daydreaming. Walter hides in his imagination, he created another world to against the real one. In that world, he is a hero, he is omnisicient. But sometimes, he has to get back into the real life and struggling with it. For Miniver Cheevy, he never face the truth which he is a loser, a coward. He never faces his failure and his miserable situation. He imagines his heroic figure in another era, and thinking, thinking and thinking. When he has to face his real life, what he does is drinking and complaining, complaining about the world. If Miniver and Walter spend their time of dreaming on changing their life, they may make their dreamed life come true, and the first step of changing is to forget all the illusions and face the

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