Dawn 's Behavior From An Attachment Point Of View Essay

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Dawn’s behavior from an attachment point of view
According to Ainsworth (1967, p. 429), an attachment is more than overt behavior, it is internal, "being built into the nervous system…” and Bowlby conceptualized attachment as a biologically based repertoire of organized behaviors (eg, infants’ crying, smiling, clinging and proximity seeking). The unfamiliar environments for Dawn having to share her mother with the new baby have left her alone, directing her to certain behaviors toward the parents to gain attention, protection and feeling of safety. Dawn has presenting unwanted behaviors to master the new environment. The parents are unavailable and the harsh rejection is associated with the child’s insecurity and attachment difficulties.
Dawn’s mother is the first person she loved. Dawn’s behavior is changing psychological and social because her attachment is lost or without reach. During the being years, Terry established great patterns of attachment with Dawn. These attachments have guided Dawns feelings, thoughts, and love with adults. Dawn is losing her attachment and she is trying to get the adults attention in the best way she can. Children 's attachment is shaped by the influences of the parents. The attachment difficulties Dawn is facing will affect her physical, psychological, behavioral, and developmental wellbeing. Terry’s parenting style
Dawn had formed a secure attachment during her childhood before the baby was born. The parents had a strong sense of…

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