Essay On King David

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The story of two kings and one’s jealousy leads to the want of the other dead. He turns away from God. The people are warned what would happen if they were given a king to rule them. Saul was chosen to become king but the most the people rejected him from the start. After Saul’s sin, God anoints a new king to one day take his place, David. David will become the better king over Saul. After David’s reign, another king takes charge and divides the Israel due to his sin against God. God has plans for everyone; people are given the option to follow God’s ways. When man goes against God or refuses to listen to God’s advice, there are always consequences.
The human race has a wanting urge to conform with society; if there is another state, country, nation that is doing something a different way human tend to follow that pattern. This was occurring even back in biblical times. In 1 Samuel 8:4 the elders of Israel came to Samuel requesting for a king for the fact that Samuel was getting old in age and other nations around them had kings (Stamps and Huffman 2007). God has Samuel warn the people about what the king would do if they were to have one. “But the people refused to listen to Samuel. ‘No!’ they said. ‘We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other
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David long for the heart of God (Acts 13:22). David makes choices through God and not for revenge. Saul had tried killing David and instead of David trying to do the same he spared Saul’s life. Saul sees that the God that was not with him anymore was present with David (1 Samuel 26:17-20). Paul Borgman says about 1Samuel 26:17-20 “Saul appears haunted by the conspicuous absence of this God, while David is shown to be always aware of, and blessed by, this presence” (Borgman 2008). Saul knew that God would favor David for David does good in God’s eyes where Saul admitting to sinning against God. David proves that with God a king can be a great

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