David Ackerman

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David Ackerman an academy graduate detective, who is carrying around a lot stress or emotional baggage, because he is the reason for his brother’s death and his father does not approve of his career choice, so they share a distance relationship. Ackerman is haunted by memories of his brother falling from a roof, and dying after he encouraged him to jump. David is a rookie detective who will be partnered up with a veteran police detective to bring down an infamous German car thief. The reason for David’s decision for the auto division is that he thought this would get him a quick promotion, but the stakes are high because all of Nick’s partners usually winds up in a body bag.
The veteran detective (Nick Pulovski) is a former race car driver
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He has a lot of emotional baggage that stems from his past. He has to use much strength to help him find Nick Pulovski once he is kidnapped. David’s childhood haunts him because he feels he is responsible for his brother’s death. After Nick’s partner was killed, David becomes his new partner. Nick is upset with the death of his partner and even though he is removed from the case he continues to work on it. David is a cop that has just been recently promoted to detective and wants to go strictly by the rules. David’s main strengths are that with all the guilt and anguish he has endured he still manages to keep his emotions in check. His wealthy father Eugene does not approve of his career choice, but he did not let that stop him. David and his new partner are at odds at first, but as they work together their dislike for one another subsides. David’s strengths will allow him to help Nick return after the people responsible for the death of Nick’s former partner capture him. David realizes that Nick is a veteran cop and Nick has shown David the rude and tough ways of detective work. The techniques that he learned from his veteran partner will help David rescue him later from the German car theft …show more content…
At the end of the movie it is the strength and determination of David that helped bring Strom and his gang down and led to the release of Nick.
Treatment Plan
Recipient: David Ackerman
The client has emotional issues associated with a childhood accident that lead to the death of his younger brother. The client has nightmares that haunt him even though he is an adult. He feels guilty about his brother’s death and has not dealt with it properly. The client is having trouble in his relationship with his live-in girlfriend Sarah. PTSD is a disorder the develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event (NIMH, 2016)
(Casual and Maintenance Factors, Biopsychosocial Model)

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