Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book Report

The book Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor displays the journey of a young girl named Karou trying to find herself within a world full of terrifying and beautiful creatures. It was published in November, 2012. Karou is an art student studying in the city, Prague, living with a band of misfit creatures. These creatures are called Chimaera. They have different physical features from both humans and animals and exchange their teeth for wishes. There are also angels against the Chimaera. The Chimaera that raised her are Brimstone, Twiga, and Issa who are teeth traders. Karou helps her family collect teeth that turn into wishes in this mythical world. While getting teeth, she meets an angel that tries to kill her, yet he hesitates feeling a distant memory. After …show more content…
This book shows that not always can love prevail through difficult situations. It acts as something to open a reader’s eyes. It shows that the happy ending or movie-like love story is fake. Things get in the way of love, which can bring you further and further apart, regardless if people love each other or not. This is a good read for others, because it provides a wake up call in a fun, gripping, and adventurous story. A good way to look at the story as you read is to note the extremely descriptive vocabulary and find the definitions. Also, note key themes as you read and as Avika and Karou's relationship develops and evolves. Notice how their love doesn’t die naturally, it’s ruined by mistakes and regrets. This is an excellent read for people who seem too idealistic or decepted by real life, because Taylor uses things like Avika and Karou’s tarnished relationship and Avika’s dark past to show that not everything works as planned. Laini Taylor in Daughter of Smoke and Bone depicts themes of diminishing labels, trusting no one, and the struggles of love into one fantastic

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