Essay on Database Management Systems

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Database Management System
Basith Shaik
Southern New Hampshire University
September 7, 2015

The intent of this paper is to design and propose a database management system solution to Grandfield College for tracking software installed. I have analyzed the organizational issues and needs and developed conceptual, logical, and physical designs of DBMS solution. In order to implement the solution, substantial research had been done on best practices in design, available products, and the legal and ethical standards to which we must adhere during design. This paper includes Business rules, Conceptual, Logical, and Physical database designs, Recommendations on best DBMS required for Grandfield College, Data model, Legal
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Tables that contain columns with specific data types and relational and other constraints will be created during this time.
Step 5. Testing and security: Sample data will be entered in order to test against business rules and parameters.
Step 6. Database completion and implementation: Final changes will be made to database after testing phase has been completed. Once the business feels good, then a go-live date will be set.
Time Schedule Task | Time Allocated | Data Gathering | 2 weeks | Data Analysis | 2 weeks | Database normalization | 1 week | Building of physical database | 3 days | Testing and Security | 3 weeks | Database completion and implementation | 2 weeks | Total time for this project to be completed | 10 weeks, 3days |

Milestone chart (Excel, 2014)

Based on the challenges faced by the college and business requirements provided, I have designed the conceptual model (Soper, 2013) with required entities, relationships, attributes, and business rules. Using this relationships and dependencies, I have come up with a logical model (Langer, 2008) and mapped to DBMS tables. Normalization is performed on these table to ensure that these relations are in proper normal forms. Then created tables in the database, selecting appropriate data types for the columns, assigning key fields and setting allow NULLs appropriately. Created database

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