Data Table Analysis Kudler Fine Foods

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Register to read the introduction… The information provided in these tables is crucial to Kathy when determining how much inventory is available at what locations and when it is time to order additional inventory. In addition to inventory analysis, data tables organize financial information into department, financial codes, and items and then sums transaction totals. With this information the company can identify how many items were received in a particular period for a certain cost. Data table analysis also finds total quantity on hand and amount paid so that calculating the average price for an item can be done easily. These tools will help Kudler’s ordering process become more efficient and can help to reduce the loss due to spoiling of perishable goods.
“Database designers use a graphical documentation technique called the entity relationship diagram (ER) to depict the entities and their direct relationships” (Bagranoff, Simkin, & Strand, 2008). The diagram consists of rectangles to represent entities, diamonds to describe the nature of relationships; ovals indicate the entity’s attributes and connecting lines show relationships. The ER diagram illustrates the hierarchy of how information is reviewed by end users and the data that is represented includes business entities and the relationship among
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In conclusion this brief has evaluated the design elements of data tables and recommended improvements to the existing data tables. In addition a pivot table was created using inventory data for Kudler Fine Foods. Lastly this brief explained how information in the pivot table can help to improve decision making for Kathy and management at Kudler.

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