Data Collection Paper

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Data Collection Paper

Team C


Sara Skowronski

Data Collection


Review of Literature The first peer-reviewed article was showing how in the 1950s, SUV’s (sport utility vehicle) sales increased tremendously with baby boomers. People were in need of larger vehicles to accommodate their entire family. This was not just for domestic vehicles this also included foreign vehicle. With so many people interested in purchasing the SUV’s, this led to other car companies designing more comfortable, larger vehicles. Another peer-reviewed article was in regards to the searching strategies people used before actually purchasing a new vehicle. Not everyone can walk into a
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Knowing exactly what people are looking for when searching for a vehicle. Showing that incentives are a positive way to increase car sales and help with a consumer’s research when looking for a vehicle to purchase. By performing surveys and incorporating the results into organizational decisions, these results can greatly benefit a company and aide in increasing business. Businesses determined that offering more incentives resulted in the increase in car, truck, and SUV sales. Sampling Design The selected sample for this research came from a systematic selection of people who purchased vehicles from Whitner Autoplex during the period of April to May 2005. Whitner Autoplex sells both import and domestic vehicles to a diverse customer base. This information provides the necessary protection against surveying customers from a biased population. Furthermore, it is in the best interest of this research that the selection process itself remains bias free. Whitner Automotive provided a list of all their customers who purchased a vehicle during the period of April to May 2005. This research is only interested in the consumer’s age, price of the vehicle, and the vehicle’s national origin. The final systematic randomization resulted in a data set of 80 customers. An important function of this research is determining whether this data range is appropriate for the scope of this research. The sample size is

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