Essay On Dante's Inferno

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“On march the banners of the King of Hell!” (Canto 34, Inferno) Inferno has given us the idea to invade Kansas, and invade Kansas is what we shall do. Kansas has begun to revolt against the banning of red bull from the public school system. With Virgil and my invading army at my side we will make sure the innocent (those who don’t want red bull in school systems) get transported to a more refined state such as Nebraska, where we believe that red bull is a character flaw; while those who have retaliated against the United States in the pursuit to drink red bull will remain in the Kansas prison state as it seems like Hell already. Those in Kansas have caused shame upon the United States and therefore must be straightened up however deemed necessary …show more content…
Much like the Hell Dante concocted in his imagination, the traitors in this invasion of Kansas will be some of the severest of criminals and thus must be punished as so. People are driven to do unspeakable things for many different reasons. Some do it for their family, fame, power, self-improvement, and even despite. “Then hunger proved a greater power than grief,” (Canto 33, Inferno). These individuals who have become traitors to their country and are hungry to bring about retaliation for only God knows why. Our prison state will be a place of solitude and never will these individuals taste the sense of freedom that they once possessed before they chose to retaliate the government. The center of Hell is gruesome in both the individuals that reside there, and the “décor” or the dark, gloomy, and a persistent hungry faces resembling the individuals who reside there. It is this description of Hell that makes the center of Kansas a perfect place to put individuals that meet the qualifications listed above. By invading Kansas, my invading army and I are bringing justice to the people of the United States and the citizens of Kansas who wish for everything to go back to the way it was before an uprising

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