Danielle Racicot : An Aspiring Sports Broadcaster At Assumption College

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Danielle Racicot is a sophomore English major who is an aspiring sports broadcaster at Assumption College. She is a big fan of the New England Patriots.
She said that her favorite Patriots’ player is Danny Amendola. She went on to explain that he needs to get mention more. “I want to hear Danny’s name more,” Danielle said when she was talking about how Amendola is underrated and should get more attention.
Racicot came from a small high school in Springfield, MA. She attended Belchertown High School which had a student population of around 700 students in the whole school and her graduating class was around 170. She said she chose Assumption because it was both a city and country feeling.
Racicot made close friends and even met her boyfriend Gerry Lopez-Picardi at Assumption. Lopez-Picardi is a student at Holy Cross. They met last year when he came to Assumption to visit his friends from high school: John McCormack, Anthony Mastrocola and Andrew Belshner.
When talking about how they met, Lopez-Picardi explained that they just clicked. His fondest memory of her was their first date when they went to a Celtics game. “We sat in a suite and watched the game and just enjoyed the night. At the game she met my mom and then afterwards we walked around Boston in the freezing cold and walked near the water and under a bridge. It was just like a date you see in a movie. I got to really know her that night,” her boyfriend explained. They will make six months on Sunday, October 9.…

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