Cyberbully Risks

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“The Danger always exists that our technology will serve as a buffer between us and nature, a block between us and the deeper dimensions of our own experiences ( Rollo May).” Most of the dangers in a family are occurring through the internet. Especially with teens, there is a higher chance of risks in the home regarding internet usage. According to CBS news, 94 percent of teens are using Facebook with leaving their personal information to public(Agata Blaszcak-Boxe). Teenagers are easily falling in heavy risks mainly by sharing personal information to the public. There are several issues when it comes to teens internet usages, such as sexting cyberbullying, and more. Not only teens are addicted to the internet but also with cell phones. According …show more content…
Cyber bullying is a major problem in our society. It happens mostly with high school students. Cyberbully effects a student hugely towards mental problems such as loneliness, depression or sometimes even death. There are several signs of how parents could find out that teens are in trouble with the internet such as, Teens usually go online at the same time every day, they look relaxed as soon as they get off the internet and most of the time they look depressed and quiet(Child Development Institute). There is a movie called cyberbully that is about a parent presents a laptop as a gift to her teenage daughter. The daughter miss uses the laptop resulting to a cyberbullying that lead to her death. Teenagers go through several social media and other sites in a day that parents don’t know very well which hurts their …show more content…
Let’s go back to history for a second where there were only home phones and very limited cell phone only available to adults. Teenagers from the past were much stronger in their education, self-confidence, other activities, and also health compared to teenagers in the current generation. Although smartphones have improved our lives, they also became a huge problem in this society for teenagers. It is so upsetting to think about how easily teens fall in the trap by smartphones. There isn’t any feature we could think of that isn’t on a smartphone. Because students interact well with online and co-students, they know better than parents in being secretive with their phones. Many teenagers are suffering from the consequences by their actions without their notice by the smartphones. Students get in trouble by sharing personal information through texting and exposing their private parts of the body by texting to each other known as Sexting. This gets me think back to how a girl got in trouble in my high school because of sending nude images to her boyfriend. She sends her complete nude images to her boyfriend and he forwarded that images to his friends. All the sharing of the images happened through our school wifi, and it was easy to catch the students who were involved in that crime of sexting. The upsetting news that almost everyone saw her nudely was shameful for her and resulted

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