Dangers Of Fast Food

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Fast food is everywhere, no matter where you go there is a chance you will see a fast food chain. It is available from main commercial blocks to gas stations. Fast food may be fast, quick, and sometimes cheap, but is it really worth the health risks? There is a wide variety of fast food restaurants to dine at. And in these restaurants there are plenty of meals to choose from. While most of the menu consist of greasy burgers and salty French fries. Not only can you get addicted to fast food, but the more of it you eat the more you will crave.
Even though fast food restaurants offer healthier options, they are not really as healthy as they are made out to be. In 2012 the fast food industry spent around $4.6 billion to advertise unhealthy products.
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In 2004 there was a documentary called “Supersize Me”, which showed the life of a man who ate fast food for an entire 30 days. Obesity is a condition of being grossly fat or overweight. More than two-thirds of the U.S. adults are obese, or overweight. Since 1970 the obesity rate of adults and children has doubled. Being obese is difficult, and can also make weight loss difficult. Successful weight loss results from a combination of physical activity, inspiration, and caloric …show more content…
So instead of eating unhealthy fast food, try ordering some of the healthier options of the menu. If you drink soda, consider ordering a small, or maybe even getting a diet soda, there is always the option of water which is the healthiest drink of them all. Doctors have discovered a ton of health risks linked with the consumption of soda. Keri M. Gans, a nutrition consultant in New York City said “If you’re choosing a soda, chances are you aren’t choosing a healthy beverage.” It is scientifically proven that sodas can weaken your bones, harm your organs, damage your teeth, they even contribute to obesity and diabetes! Soda is really worthless to your

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