Dangerous Consequences Of Boxing

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Register to read the introduction… While safety rules have been introduced boxing is still a dangerous sport. A lot of boxers have died from this sport ether in the ring or shortly after the fight. Deaths are not the only costs of boxing other consequences such as brain damage affect the boxer to a point which they cannot carry on fighting.
Nature of the act it self
Well I think that trying to knock someone else unconscious is wrong and immoral but in the sport boxing the two boxers picked to do this sport and they both know what the risks are when it comes to boxing. Also the boxer knows that he is putting his body on the line but the boxer is willing to risk it to become a better athlete and become famous and have the number one title in boxing so there is an immoral decision when knocking someone unconscious.
So my conclusion is that despite all the risks and dangerous consequences boxing is a sport that is watched and enjoyed by a lot of people and people will continue to take the sport and train good fighters. Fighting will continue because people are given talents and it’s the only thing there good at and also they want to be rich and famous and want be known by the world. So I think that boxing should not be banned from the Olympic Games and boxing is moral but that is just my opinion as to if boxing should be banned from the Olympics.

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