Concussions In Contact Sports

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☠ CTE KILLS ☠ An athlete goes down on the field, and paramedics rush to his aid. When they arrive to help him they observe he has a large amount of head trauma. Over the years, this same athlete will continue to play contact sports such as football, or boxing resulting permanent brain damage. At the young age of forty, this athlete could already have dementia-like symptoms that occur in older adults. How can we allow this continue? Close contact sports such as boxing, MMA, and football are dangerous “blood sports;” like the fights that would take place in a Roman Coliseum. To prevent concussions and knockouts, game rules must change, and players should wear highly protective head guards that far exceed the safety standards of current equipment. These sports must evolve in order to protect our athletes.

Over 80% of athletes who take part in close contact sports experience symptoms related to CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. In an article that was published on September 18, 2015, PBS and Frontline talked about the outcomes of a lab taking place in the middle of the heated debate about concussions in NFL games. “A total of 87 out of 91 former NFL players have tested
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Men began seeing sports as less “manly”, and more “feminine” along with their religion. Protestants were not approving of the feminization of Jesus from the second Great Awakening, and in order to put a stop to this growth, they reinvented Jesus and contact sports altogether. This created a version of christianity called “Muscular Christianity”. Christians who follow this form believe that Jesus isn’t “merciful”, “kind”, or “loving” as he is often portrayed. Instead, they see him as a relentless man who didn’t “tap out” of his “fight” against the Roman Empire as he was being crucified. To muscular christians, going on a diet, and working out is a way to preserve the temple god had given them (Greve,

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