Danger Of The Department Of State Standardized Regulations Essays

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Danger pay in the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) provides a reliable measure of the riskiness of a given country. Danger pay is compiled by the United States Department of State and is an estimate of the imminent danger or physical harm that United States citizens are exposed to while operating in a foreign country due to civil war, terrorism, violent conflict and wartime conditions.

Finally, industry and firm level survey data was gathered from academic journals and public entities including insurance providers. Harvey’s (1993) highly referenced survey of the United States based multi-national corporations provides pre-9/11 data measuring the preparedness of companies to mitigate terrorism. The Clements Worldwide Risk Index (2016) survey of 420 executives accountable for global risk management at international companies provides terrorism threat, property damage, liability and business preparedness data. The existence of a business continuity plan and the amount of time it takes a firm’s stock price to bounce back from a terrorism incident will be derived from Mergent Online’s searchable database of 25,000 United States-based firms, international companies representing 95% of the non-United States global market capitalization, and 300,000 annual reports archived for over ten years (Mergent Online, 2016).
Table 5 identifies and operationalizes the independent, moderating, control and dependent variables used in the conceptual model of…

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