`` Dancehall Queen `` : A Film That Follows The Life Of A Woman Named Marcia

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Dancehall Queen, a film that follows the life of a woman named Marcia, tells the story of how she achieves upper mobility from a street vendor to defeating the reigning dancehall queen. Many aspects of this film pertained to the lectures and readings we discussed in class. In my opinion, the movie does a great job of covering all the concepts we covered in class that relate to the British Caribbean lifestyle which consist of; Beauty as a cultural construct for upper mobility, popular culture, and hegemony. Throughout the movie, the idea of using beauty as a construct for upward social mobility is very present. Early in the movie, Maria is dependent on her brother, after events occur and can no longer depend on her brother she is tasked with finding a new way to provide for herself and her family, no one will help her so she must help herself. Maria begins to turn her attention toward the dancehall women she observes while vending. She uses her ability to make Dancehall outfits to achieve upward mobility, as described by Ulysee, many women turned toward this idea. “This process of beautification has many signification and is central to both individuals and group construction of a feminine identity, sexuality, and economic status” (Ulysee 151). Eventually, Maria defeats the reigning dancehall queen, but despite her success as a Dancehall Queen, she clearly wants her daughters to achieve “uptown” status (ie clothes, education, behavior). Maria transforms from a higgler to an…

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