Essay on Dance Throughout Different Cultures : Dance

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Dance throughout different cultures
What is Dance? We use the umbrella term of dance to describe movement that inhabits our lives daily, whether it be to tell stories, to perform, to have fun, or to teach lessons. Throughout history dance has mesmerized countless audiences and been a safe haven as well as a joyous celebration. Our culture versus the Euroba’s culture and the Indian culture incorporate dance very differently into daily life, some ways that dance is incorporated into their lives is through religious ceremonies and rituals, lessons in morality, and storytelling.
The Indian culture has incorporated dance into daily life through using dance to tell age old stories and to teach life lessons. In India dance is a widely popular form of entertainment, performed by trained dancers, people in celebration, religious men, and warriors in training for battle. In India every detail matters, whether it be the placement of the eyes or the positioning of the hand, something so little or simple could make all the difference, in this way it is similar to our culture in dance. Although it is similar this is also different, details can be overlooked and moves can be misinterpreted. In India religious men in certain rituals will create mandalas, in order to communicate with the gods, which then becomes the dancefloor for the ceremony, although not what we would consider to be dance the ritual is a performance, a gathering that people come to see. While in India people teach…

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