Damien Hirst: the Tranquility of Solitude Essay

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Alecia Nadzan #192634 Image Analasys Lichty ­ MTD Damien Hirst: The Tranquility Of Solitude (for George Dyer) The Tranquility Of Solitude is a three dimensional work of art by English contemporary artist Damien Hirst, debuted in 2006 at the Gagosian Gallery in London. Hirst uses dead animals in his “fine­art,” something that once shocked the art world. Is this “artwork” an ostensible farce operating on shock­value alone? Or, could a lasting meaning to be derived from the artists creation make a memorable impact on the art world for years to come? Since the early 90’s, Hirst has been using shock­value as his medium. An appalled yet captivated audience had significant reactions to his creations, initially so controversial that it disrupted …show more content…
A toilet sits against the left wall and supports a lifeless sheep carcass, the buttox of which seats in it, falling forward and reaching its left arm out to catch itself on the wall mounted sink in front of it. The sheep screams out in agony, its head tilted back, mouth open, tongue out. The source of pain, a hypodermic needle, juts straight out of one of the animals limbs. A single naked light bulb is suspended above the action from an electrical cord. The direction of the entire composition beckons the view of the audiences to the center of the triptych. The central vitrine holds the center of attention, the splayed torso if another sheep. The rib cage has been cut wide open, front ribs removed, exposing an empty carcass void of any internal organs. The amputated arms of the carcass are outstretched and the head of the sheep has dropped to the side. The floating figure resembles a crucified christ, ascending above the rest of the objects, suspended in the formaldehyde. The rising torso leaves the porcelain pedestal sink below and on it a glass of lab scalpels and razors. The third vitrine, which is almost a mirrored image of the first, contains the same objects; a toilet, sink, light fixture, and tiles. This time the figure of the sheep sits atop the toilet, its entire body stretched across the scene. Hunching over the sink lifeless, tongue out as if it had been

vomiting. A lethal mixture of pills and an empty Absolut Vodka bottle litter the floor. A $32,000

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