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IT 340: Final Project
Newton Ad Agency

IT340: Network and
Telecommunication Management
To: Newton Ad Agency, Management Team
From: Computer Network Enterprises, Bethany A Schub (IT Business Analyst)
RE: Networking Proposal

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company. As requested, we have evaluated your company’s business and technical networking requirements. Our analysis is based on current industry products that will provide your company with fast and reliable networking capabilities.
Newton Ad Agency has three locations. The main headquarters are located in Austin, TX. A satellite office is located two miles away from the main headquarters and is in clear line
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To do this I would assign the IP assignments as follows: through This location will also need a router. The subnet mask for these locations will be
For the all of these sites, I have given estimates a little over the minimum requirement to allow additional coverage for printers, phones and conference room requirements. Remote employees will be able to access company specific systems using their assigned VPN’s. I believe this should be adequate coverage for all the business needs.
WAN Connectivity
Internet connectivity will be provided to all three locations via VPN connection. Each location will have two or more routers, two or more security gateways, two or more Ethernet switches, all connected via full mesh WAN connections using both internet and private WAN connectivity. This will support the services like VoIP, and Video as well. This style of network accommodates both wireless and wired LAN infrastructures and is executed by using one or more Ethernet switches. Using this network offers a server zone, guest access zone, load sharing, identity-based access control and optimized VoIP. The key requirements of the main headquarters and branches are high availability, high speed, high performance, services-ready, VoIP and WAN optimization.
WAN Diagram

VPN Technology
We have used Virtual Private network as WAN Technology because VPN allows a secure access while travelling outside the office. It

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