`` Cyberspace : The Biggest Migration Today Human History `` By Nicholas Carr

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The Artificial Human There is a situation that most humans have encountered. People can be in public hoping and praying for a text or a notification on social media, but cringe at the idea of another person sitting next to them on public transportation and possibly striking a conversation. This is an example of the five-foot circumference that most Americans have created that they like to call “personal space”. There once was a time when people craved social interactions and face-to-face communication. Before people got hooked onto machines, people lived in the moment and experienced life first hand. In Nicholas Carr’s essay, “Cyberspace: The Biggest Migration in Human History” taken from his book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, Carr sheds light upon his interpretation of how technology is changing human nature as people are slowly becoming trapped inside the many screens they carry around. Carr does this to inform while persuading his audience: the general public, by presenting psychological evidence that technological disruption can affect human emotions, cognition, and evolution of humans. In a ten-paragraph essay, Nicholas Carr conveys the idea that technology and Internet have major negative side effects that can potentially alter human nature cognitively and psychologically. The author first introduces the topic of cognitive function by paralleling technology to a noisy train. Using imagery, Carr’s mission is to paint a tranquil picture in…

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