Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society Essay

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I. Introduction

The advancing of technology has allowed people of different ages to stay in constant contact within the outside world. Throughout various methods of social networks, people are able to post and make comments upon specific pages of contact and connections almost anywhere. This can often lead to the act of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is defined as an action of harassing and potentially harming people in a repeated and meticulous manner through the use of technology networks. According to Canada’s Online Centre for Digital and Media Literacy, cyberbullying may just happen to be the area where teachers and/or parents are concerned about teens or kids in general, behaving ethically.

II. Characteristics

According to students from The University of Ohio, there are five characteristics of cyberbullying.

1. Anonymity: In difference to a bully who approaches harassment in a face-to-face manner, a cyber bully is one that leaves you wondering who the bully may be in which this case would be anonymous.

2. Accessibility: The traditional bully who would terrorize their victim would be maybe at school or on the playground; meaning that this often would be often at specific times of the day. However, a cyber bully can approach their victim at any time period of the day or night with the use of a technological device.

3. Punitive Fears: The victims of cyber bullies often do not report their cases because they fear they may have their phone, computer, or…

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