Technologic Thieves Essay

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Technologic Thieves Our modern society relies on connections. Connections that enable us to contact people from around the world, help build associates through business, and that allows governments to cross political and cultural boundaries. And the main source for this is through digital technology. Technology provides a marvelous platform which is used to do almost anything we please. Such as posting a status about your wonderful adventure in France on social media or even paying your bills electronically. But at the same time, it supplies information to a hazardous environment for Cybercrime.Once, my cousin Marcello, an avid sneaker collector, was looking forward to buying some three-hundred dollar Nikes online. Due the shoe’s popularity, …show more content…
As stated in the 2016 Identity Fraud Study, led by Javelin Strategy & Research, approximately fifteen-billion dollars have been stolen from 13.1 million U.S citizens. One-fourth of these identity theft cases were linked with stolen credit information, therefore, banks have implemented an EMV Chip that can deny access to Cyberthieves using mobile devices to gain credit card information. Surprisingly, hackers have found ways to bypass these chips using methods such as card skimming, trapping, and cash skimming. For example, In the article “The Great Cyberheist” by James Verini, explains on how Albert Gonzalez, the infamous cyber thief, gained access to more than 40 million credit cards in the United States by using basic credit card decryption tools. “Using similar methods, they hacked into OfficeMax, Barnes & Noble, Target, Sports Authority and Boston Market, and probably many other companies that never detected a breach or notified the authorities.” (Verini). Gonzalez was so successful stealing information from retail store’s customers that smaller franchises could not spot the harm and in some cases, leaving those franchises in bankruptcy. Although credit card theft may be a leading factor of Identity thefts in the United States, numerous amount of people have been caught stealing social security numbers and reporting false information on tax forms. For instance, according to the IRS, on

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