Cyber Security Threats Essay

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Some of the difficulties facing large corporations in this technology driven

modern age are cyber attacks and data breaches. Recently, we have witnessed

security breaches in high-profile companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment,

Home Depot, Target, and EBay, in which all of these organizations have lost

confidential data like personal records, and financial information. To counter

these attacks companies invest a lot of money on insurance to cover any issues

with confidential data, but ever since all of these high-profile companies have

been attacked the insurance rates are on the rise. According to Retuers report,

“Insurers are raising deductibles and in some cases limiting the amount of

coverage to $100 million.”
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Similar attacks in 2013 cost Target and Home Depot nearly 230

million in expense, but insurance only covered up to 100 million. The question

then becomes how can companies prevent and identify such malicious attacks

that not only end up costing them millions, but also time and reputation? It’s my

educating the end users on cyber security and threats.

Identifying Threats

There are three computer security types. First is Computer security, the

application of hardware and software security features to a computer system,

and it’s associated with one of the most common security threats that affect the

business computers, malware. Malware contains viruses, trojans, and worms,

and it is distributed through mediums such as e-mail attachments, HTTP links,

removable storage, and remote login connections. Most malware make software

programs unusable or destroy the data itself, and they operate subtly and rapidly

spread until damage has already affected computers and is unrecoverable.

Second is information security, the protection of information against

unauthorized disclosures, transfer, and modification, or destruction, weather

accidental or intentional. Some threats in information security comes as
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Preventive Measures

System security experts have developed many methods to protect

computers to fight off common security threats. One example is virus protection

software, which prevents intrusions in the computer. Security software is widely

available to general consumers and businesses, and includes with corporate

licensing, but needs to be updated on the regular basis. Another effective

preventive measure from the outside unauthorized intruders is the use of firewall.

Firewall is a type of a hardware security device that is installed in between the

internet and a computer network; It’s main purpose is to act like a routing traffic

controller and block any external usage that is not authorized. One program that

works complementary to the firewall is an encryption program. The encryption

program assists in protecting data by scrambling it, and could only be accessed

with an encryption key. The most effective measure is integrating enforcing

policies, and security procedures. All of these high-profile organizations that

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