Essay on Cyber Crimes Informative Speech

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I. In a rapidly advancing world, where the needs of communication and access to information are more than necessary elements, the Internet has become the solution, available to every person. II. The internet is the technological genius of the computer age. Although the internet is a phenomenal tool, providing access to the world, it has also become a Shangri-La for criminals. The internet, because of the ability to remain anonymous, is the perfect playground for this type of mayhem. III. The increasing number of virtual criminals that lurk behind the virtual walls awaiting their victims to log on to the net and fall prey to their malicious tactics and easy baits increases daily. When an internet crime takes place, a computer may be …show more content…
The final types of victims are simply the unlucky ones who unfortunately happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time....on the internet...and become cyberspace victims.
Stopping the problem: The question about how to police these crimes has already been constructed, but this task is turning out to be an uphill battle. Since the first computer crime law, the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984, the government has been trying to track down and stop online criminals. The FBI has tried many programs and investigations in order to deter Internet crime, like creating an online crime registry for employers (Metchik 29). The reality is that Internet criminals are rarely caught. One reason is that hackers will use one computer in one country to hack another computer in another country. Another eluding technique used is the changing of the emails, which are involved in virus attacks and “phishing” emails so that a pattern cannot be recognized. An individual can do their best to protect themselves simply by being cautious and careful. Internet users need to watch suspicious emails, use unique passwords, and run anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Do not open any email or run programs from unknown sources.
I. Internet crime, like crime out in the former “wild, wild west,” has arisen because the boundaries of the internet are undefined and easily

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