Cyber Bullying: What It Is And How To Prevent It?

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Every year millions of people are harassed over the internet through email, social media networks, text messages, phone calls, etc.; this is known as cyber-bullying. Cyber bullying is an on-going trend for internet harassment that occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, becoming the most common form of bullying today and is often taken too far to where it can drastically affect a person mentally and physically. In the article, “Cyber Stalking (Cyber Bullying) - Proof and Punishment”, Professor Wayne L. Anderson who teaches at Missouri State University states that “Cyber Bullying has expanded the Bullying behavior from the schoolyard to the Internet. In the schoolyard, Bullying tends to be more physical and confrontational. On the Internet, anything …show more content…
Victims of cyber bullying go through manytough and complicated times, which they feel lonely and helpless. In the article “Cyber-bullying: What It Is and How to Prevent It,” by Laura J. Hummell, who is a middle school technology education teacher, says that “Unfortunately, many young children and teenagers, who experience this same misery at school and at home, do not know how to deal with cyber-bullies or their barrage of threats and slurs” (1). This information provided by Hummell proves that a victim may be affected psychologically and mentally, to the point of being speechless and indecisive on what actions to take while being bullied. Victims often have to deal with the after math of bullying, as well. This includes psychological complications of regaining confidence and self-esteem. Cyber bullies rarely comprehend the feelings of the victim through this procedure because of the fact of the effect of the over powering blindness that takes over them. The psychological mind of one’s self makes it an easier target for a bully to attack. Ultimately, after the bully has attacked, they have created a catalyst of a mind-differentiating situation. Unfortunately, after this reaction has started, it is harder for the victims to be cured back to their original psychological state of mind. With all the hardships that a victims gets put through psychologically, their mindset is broken into four different

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