Cyber Bullying Should Be Stopped? Essay

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Cyber Bullying needs to be stopped because kids are committing suicide, dropping out of school, and acting out which can lead to more serious consequences like jail. Entering the digital world of cyber bullying is more psychological. The meaning of bullying is slowly expanding (Anderson). Cyberbullying if just one type of bullying and it happens more often than any other because it more harder for the victim to run away from (“What is cyberbullying”).
Most cyberbullying involving kids and teens is done by their peers and occurs as early as 2nd grade (Jacobs). More of the meaning of really what cyberbullying is, it is sending insults or threatening email, texts, or instant messages directly to someone using another electronic (Jacobs). Another name for the people that cyberbully is “anonymous thugs in cyberspace” (Introducing). When adults are apart of cyberbullying the meaning and definition changes. Cyber Bullying from adults are called cyber-harassment or cyberstalking (“Cyberbullying”).
In 2008, 93% of teens in the world were online. The internet was made to connect with family and friends. One million got harassed, threatened, or became a victim of cyberbullying in some way (“cyberbullying” Wikipedia). This issue came about so quickly that people needed answers to why, how, and who. “Experts say that kids who are bullied and the bullies themselves, are at risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completed suicides.” (“cyberbullying” Kids). No child should be bullied or…

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