Cut My Hair Essay

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I cut my hair!

I had been speculating for years now. So I finally did it!

So why did I cut it??

To be honest, I just woke up one day and decide against relaxing my new growth. I haven 't relaxed my hair in 5 months and the hair really grew!!
What really made me choose to cut it was just the thought of having short hair and being able to enjoy it.

Past experiences with short natural hair:

When I was a child in Nigeria, I 'm sure my hair was cut short, and it was probably because my mom was over it, but I SURE didn 't mind. I remember the teeny tiny puff which grew into 2 giant puff balls. I remember the rubber thread used to make my hair, separated in sections. They hurt so much and I really hated them. Actually anything involving an African woman touching my head brings headache and face-lift memories. I happen to have a very
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First snip.
I gasped. My mouth was wide open. Tears welled up but did not fall. My head felt like it was being released from some weight.
Second snip.
My mouth was still open. No more tears. “Woman up Victoria.” I was amazed by how lighter I felt.
By the time she was done, I felt BALD. But I wasn 't. I had a decent amount of hair on my head.
Yes, I asked for a tapered cut, which involves chopping off all the relaxed hair behind and leaving just a bit at the top of my head to achieve the look.
By the end of the entire cutting and curling experience, I was aching and itching to see the new me. When I saw myself, I said “yuss boo”. Miss Je’nel did EXACTLY what I asked for. It is always great to have a hair stylist who listens and checks frequently for your comfort. SHE 'S A KEEPER!!

So yes, I am now “team natural”. And I just realized that this was a big chop. I guess you could describe my laziness and refusal to relax my new growth as

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