Customary Appearance Is Important For Defining A Woman Essay

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customary appearance was crucially important when defining a woman in El Nahra. Women lived privately in “relative seclusion behind walls, not meeting or mixing with men,” and out of sight of the public view (Fernea 1989: 5). The wardrobe consisted of the black garments – chin scarf (foota), headscarf, (asha), and an abayah over a black dress. Fernea, being a Westerner was reluctant to wearing the garments at first, but she sensed to have more power in wearing the garments than if she were not to. She first decided upon the garments when she waited for a taxi to take them to El Nehra, “while [she] waited, people gathered to stare at [her] again, and [she] slowly became aware that, among the crowds of middle-class Iraqis and townspeople, [she] was the only woman without an abayah. [She] began to be self-conscious” (Fernea 1989: 5). Although, these guidelines were expected of women, what Western culture does not realize is that these women personally feel satisfaction from wearing conservative clothing. By wearing the garments they uphold the honor and loyalty of that of their family and husbands. A hidden woman holds the key of control to a decent life. Woman of this culture were not suppose to be seen in public either, as not to be thought of as scandalous. A good woman would not be seen in the market, “ only women of very low status ever appeared in the public bazaar; rather than go personally, a woman sent her child, her servants, even her husband to buy…

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