Current Trends And Developments Of The Industry Essays

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3. Current Trends And Developments Of The Industry

Contemporary Trends In Tourism

In the post days of World War II, consumer requirements, preferences, levels of sophistication and technological innovations mandate what constitutes an attraction powerful enough to lure the tourist trade. Dynamically changing in terms of form, locations, styles and the scope and scale of the destination, tourist attractions today form an integral, if not crucial part of the tourist, hospitality and travel industries. Actually, they are for many, one and the same thing.

Serving as magnets that attract people to a geographic region, they also serve to stimulate further demand for other services needed by tourists everywhere.

Today 's cruise ship industry offers innovations that coincide with a ship 's brand: Disney ships have become virtual theme parks in themselves. Complete with fruit and vegetables carved in the image of Mickey Mouse, youngsters and adults alike take delight in eating off an ear from the famous cartoon character.

Other cruise lines have introduced sky-diving simulators, robotic bartenders and host celebrity chef kitchens, with the star chef presiding encouragingly over an eating experience few have enjoyed. All-suite staterooms and facilities provide each generation whatever the perception is that generation may want and require.

As such, advertised onboard facilities continually exceed the passengers ' expectations--even before they board ship. With staterooms,…

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