Culture Is An Important Factor That My Parents Essay

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Culture is an important factor that my parents hold highly of and felt that my siblings and I should learn every aspect of it. Growing up, my siblings and I attended Vietnamese classes where we learned how to read and write Vietnamese. Vietnamese is not that hard to learn because the letters are similar to those in the English language, but the difficulties was in the accent marks on the words. A wrong pronunciation of the word meant another word. For example, the Vietnamese word for dad is ba, but the word for an older person is bà. The wrong pronunciation could be disrespectful towards the person you are referencing too.
Vietnamese was my first language because it was easier to communicate with my parents and grandma, who took care of us and spoke with limited English. Everything changed when I went to preschool. I was always around those who spoke Vietnamese, therefore, I struggled with school and would get frustrated because I was not able to communicate with the teachers and my peers in English. My mother had to take me out of preschool because every time she dropped me off at preschool, she would be called back by the teacher to pick up her crying child.
My parents emigrated from Vietnam with limited vocabulary. My parents did learn English in Vietnam, but just enough where they were able to come over to the United States to look for a stable income and take care of their family. My mother once told me that when she was taking her permit test, she did not understand…

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