Cultural Convergence Analysis

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There is a debate on culture uniformity, on one side, theory of convergence support uniformity by providing argument that because of the business around the world is relying more on the technology as it moves to industrialized era, culture would become more similar (Sparrow, Schuler, & Jackson, 1994). On the other side, there is a view about culture divergence means that uniformity is unlikely to take place as the characteristic of culture is unique and dynamic (Kelley & Reeser, 1973; Lincoln, Olson, & Hanada, 1978). However, Tan (2002) claims that both convergence and divergence are not adequate to analyze the relationship between culture and environment.

2. Theoretical reflection
I would like to begin the discussion with the definition
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This happen because there is such a way that the parent organization wants to maintain its values in the global context but on the other way, it wants subsidiaries to develop their models as long as align to the principal value of the parent company. The crossvergence type is actually adding complexity to how to manage organization globally because there is an extent that the parent company actually gives authority to subsidiaries to develop their styles but on the other way, the parent company still wants to show its existence by having such control to …show more content…
Therefore, an organization may give its effort to localize its international practice and on the same time, try to make its originality appear. On some local cultures, the international aspect may be confronted with the local culture, however, when an organization has successfully dealt with the situation, a sustainable working environment may be created in the end.
I think that the convergence and divergence of culture may have a relation to cultural dimension of Hofstede. For instance, a country with high power distance may create a convergence culture within the country while a low power distance country may lead to a divergence culture because of equality between people. Hence, I will discuss this relation further on the next section and try to provide some theories to analyze its implication in practical

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