Essay on Culture And Its Effect On Society

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Culture is part of every society and is the basis on how people within the society react and live their lives. Every culture is subject to change in order to match the society around the world. However, there are several obstacles that are in the way of such cultural change. Through the different surroundings, a deep social connection to religion, and a lack of technology, cultures have a resistance against change. An example will be given of how it prohibits the growth in certain societies, because within each society, there are certain things that hinder the change and growth of a culture, as well as keep a culture together and unique. Culture is always present and never the same between different societies. Cultures, societies, and their surroundings are closely related to each other, they go hand-in-hand together, as a way of sustaining their life and customs. The surroundings provide a sense of safety for some cultures. ‘The environment that the Chumash lived in remained roughly the same; the Chumash were able to live in that region for many years and rely on the natural resources because of their great respect and care for the earth’. Other Cultures such as the Amazonians that live in a rainforest depend on the forest to provide housing, food, and clothing. They also live far away, and are isolated, from any other civilization, so they don’t see any different cultures very often. This is an example of two types of resistance due to the surroundings. The societies…

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