Culture Affects Making Many Decisions And Determines The Way Of Life Of Any Society

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Culture affects making many decisions and determines the way of life of any society. From a practical perspective, the current situation offers an interdependence and globalization of activities at supranational level that also reaches the cultural spheres and, in some cases, we can refer to a homogenization of activities or cultural trends. However, at the same time, a constant transformation of the society occurs that requires the constant adaptation of people to new cultural situations that are generated in their environment. (Martín, 2003)
The main elements of change that influence cultural issues, and therefore the behavior of the Spanish consumer, are family, educational system, media and leisure time. (Martín, 2003)
a) The Spanish consumer profile
Generally speaking we can say that the profile of the Spanish consumer is very demanding, he expects quality and product safety, he is individualistic and autonomous and he has a high opinion of himself as a consumer. He is concerned almost as much as their physical health aspect. The Spanish consumer also evolves each year and progresses in its qualification as a consumer, he appreciates the improvements in products and services, but his is still reluctant to use new technologies to shopping. But especially Spanish people are homelike and when they go out their preferred way is shopping having a walk at mall centers. (Grupo Eroski, 2004).
Furthermore, he is certain that one who best defends its interests as a consumer is…

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