Culturally Responsive Classroom And Literature Essay

960 Words Jan 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Culturally Responsive Classrooms and Literature To create a culturally responsive classroom is to create a better learning environment for students, enables students to learn about the differences of others, and ensures that we as teachers are meeting all of our students’ needs. Incorporating literature into a culturally responsive classroom will only reinforce the qualities and type of culturally responsive classroom we want to have. Through literature students can explore cultures near and far, along with the world around them. By creating a classroom that includes all students and their diverse backgrounds we create a comfortable environment for learning and helps all students to feel accepted. In creating a culturally responsive classroom students feel comfortable, respected for their differences, and free to learn in the way that is best for them. When a student feels accepted for who they are their learning needs are being met and they feel validated as a person in the classroom, by their peers and their teachers. Many times it is believed that students need to conform to the culture of the school, but this is hard for young students to do and they typically do not conform. This creates many problems for students in their learning and in feeling accepted by others. Thus, creating a culturally responsive classroom to ensure that students are in an environment that is best for them to learn. Another reason that culturally responsive classrooms are important is that…

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