Cultural Values And Health Behaviors Essay

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In a culturally diverse country like the United States, healthcare professionals such as nurses will work with people of different cultural backgrounds who have different view of health and illness. Mcgoldrick, Giordano & (2006) concluded that a sense of well-being in terms of physical and mental health within a societal context is strongly affected by cultural identity. Understanding the ethno-cultural attitudes of an individual or community shared values, behaviors and beliefs makes us appreciate importance of these characteristics to life experiences (Yolanda & Griselda, 2006). With this in mind, it is essential for the nurses understand significance influence of cultural values rooted in patients’ health behaviors.
Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines culture as the shared beliefs, customs, and arts of a particular group or society. Culture is “the leaned and transmitted values, beliefs and practices that provided a critical means to establish culture care from the people” (Leininger, 1991). Cultures are continuously changing in response to new surroundings and evolving political, physical and socio-economic realities. (Schim, Doorenbos, Benkert & Miller, 2007) These definitions focuses on environmental characteristics acquired by an individual living within a particular culture, and these attributes guide how family members interact and relate to their own culture and to other cultural groups (Mcgoldrick, 2006). Culture has been misinterpreted or…

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