Essay about Cultural Traditions And Its Impact On Society

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As Jasper Fforde once said, “Honour is kind of what you get when you weaponise manners, but if you 're brought up in a system where honour is valued more than life itself it makes a lot more sense” (Jasper Fforde). In India many cultural traditions are created to establish that men are superior to women. These traditions allow men to be convinced that as a higher status, they are permitted to control the actions of the women in their families. Honour killings often take place in India since they are gone unreported by many. Ultimately, this is the reason why laws and restrictions must be applied more rigorously amongst India’s society to better protect the rights of women living in a country encompassing injustice and unseen wrongdoing. In order to create and apply laws, the government must attend to fixing the internal corruption in the government, the views and traditions of society, and the strictness of laws created against such killings.
To begin , the Indian government is vastly plagued by corruption and injustice. In order to resolve this ongoing issue, police corruption should be reported and the Indian police should be thoroughly sifted for corrupt government members. Police are known to ignore reports made against honour killings due to their respect towards the perpetrator. The murders are often disregarded and not counted as homicides. The usual “victims, therefore, are women and persons belonging to vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially oppressed castes” (The…

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