Analysis Of Leslie Reynolds Misuse Of Welfare In American Low Class Citizens

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In Leslie Reynolds’ “Misuse of Welfare in American Low Class Citizens,” she employs various logical methods to support her argument that welfare in the United States is being misused by our citizens. Reynolds relies on definition, past occurrences, personal and public experience, and also tries to find different solutions for this heavily impacted issue. Reynolds believes something should be done to prevent the many low class recipients from abusing and misusing the welfare system. For example, the government could restart the welfare system, have stricter guidelines, and have more monitoring of the system itself, according to Reynolds. Reynolds weaves her argument together with reasonable appeals that carefully build authentic yet strong and grounded ethos, speaking to the audience about shared challenges and problems, common truths, and the complex responsibility of rehabilitating people to become more truthful and sincere.
Reynolds begins constructing her argument with what the issue is—that the low class citizens of America are misusing and abusing the welfare system—with definition and explains welfare is a system formed by government to help people in need. As soon as the reader lays eyes on the page she starts explaining what the welfare system is and does. Reynolds explains in order for the system to work it takes money from working individuals in the form of
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Reynolds persuades her audience that welfare in the United States has gotten out of hand and is being misused and abused entirely too much through definition, facts, and experience. “Misuse of Welfare in American Low Class Citizens” provides a lucrative example of the many ways that logos, ethos, and pathos combine in efforts to change how we see the world and, ultimately, how we experience

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